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Giá Trattoria Italiana is where food lovers and wine enthusiasts converge to experience the best of Italy.

Sharing our warmth and passion with our guests is our greatest privilege. Next to those who choose to spend their time with us, our ingredients are the most important things in our restaurant. Our truly regional and classic Italian dishes pay homage to our impeccable standards and dedication to quality.

Our Philosophy

Gia Trattoria Italiana delivers regional Italian cuisine spanning Italy from the coast to the countryside. Every dish is made with the utmost respect and care for our imported high-quality fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Founder Gianni Caprioli is a deeply accomplished and respected Italian Chef in Hong Kong’s culinary scene and the driving force behind various restaurant concepts’ successes such as Giando Italian Restaurant & Bar on Star Street (previously in Fenwick pier), Fishsteria Seafood Place, Italy Eatery, Mercato by Giando and now, Gia Trattoria Italiana in Fenwick Pier.

At Gia Trattoria, we have built a loyal following by adhering simple principles – a burning passion for excellence, commitment to our community and transparency in our kitchen.

Share a meal with us and experience our warmth and true culinary talent.